Trade Like a Pro with Bitfinex Reporting Tools

If performance can't be measured, how can it be improved?

Now you can manage your positions with our state-of-the-art professional trading tools.

Now available on Windows, Linux and Mac
Average Win/Loss

Displays the daily, weekly and monthly investment returns in a portfolio across a selected time frame.

Values are represented in USD.

Account Snapshots

Take a precise snapshot of the market. View trading positions and wallet holdings.

More capabilities for a better performance

Our reporting tool software provides a panoramic view of a portfolio that includes 11 additional reports to the standard online version.

Full Tax Report

Users can create a tax report by selecting the relevant dates and results will be displayed.

Ending positions snapshot

A 360 degree view of active positions at the selected end period with full details of each trade

Ending period balances
Movements total amount
Total result
material_imageA New Release at the Dawn of a New Decade
We never stop innovating.
material_imageFull tax report and multiple filters
Completing a tax report has never been easier.
material_imageNew Tools for an Enhanced Reporting Framework
Bringing elegance in simplicity to a trader’s vocation.
material_imageBitfinex Reporting Framework — Update
A new reporting tool for optimized trading.
What benefits does the Report Framework software have over the hosted online version?
What does the Average Win/Loss section show?
What does the Volume section show?
What is shown in Account Snapshot sections?
How can I create a Tax Report?
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