Trade Like a Pro with Bitfinex Reporting App

If performance can't be measured, how can it be improved?

Now you can manage your positions with our state-of-the-art professional trading tools.

Now available on Windows, Linux and Mac
Average Win/Loss

Displays the daily, weekly and monthly investment returns in a portfolio across a selected time frame.

Values are represented in USD.

Account Snapshots

Take a precise snapshot of the market. View trading positions and wallet holdings.


Displays aggregated data across the list of accounts added, such as ledgers, trades, wallets, volume and performance metrics.

More capabilities for a better performance

Our Reporting App provides a panoramic view of a portfolio that includes 11 additional reports to Bitfinex Reports, the standard online version.

Full Tax Report

Users can create a tax report by selecting the relevant dates and results will be displayed.

Ending positions snapshot

A 360 degree view of active positions at the selected end period with full details of each trade

Ending period balances
Movements total amount
Total result
material_imageReports for Sub-Accounts
Tracking changes to multiple accounts has been made simpler
material_imageVersion 3.0 is Here
Improved features, a new look and much more.
material_imageA New Release at the Dawn of a New Decade
We never stop innovating.
material_imageFull tax report and multiple filters
Completing a tax report has never been easier.
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How can I create a Tax Report?
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